Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anthony Bourdain visits Mexico City and Puebla. Watch some videos of the TV Show "No Reservations" (season 5, episode 1).

Anthony Bourdain starts the 5th season of his TV show called "No Reservations" (on Travel Channel)  with a trip to Mexico:
Tony heads to Mexico with Carlos,who took over Tony's old job as head chef at Les Halles. Carlos is one of many Mexicans who have crossed the border to achieve the American dream. Carlos gives Tony a tour of his hometown of Puebla and nearby Mexico City.
In these videos you would see Tony Bourdain get really drunk, first at a Mexico City's "Cantina" (traditional Bar) and then at a "Pulquería" (low class bar) with a beverage called "Pulque", which is prepared with plants fermented with dog droppings (believe me, it is true, they take poo and put it in a handkerchief, add water, plants and let it ferment). He also drinks a spirit called "aguardiente" (literally meaning "burning water") which is like a mexican version of moonshine. He also eats some tacos at the street and tries home made food at a "fonda" (traditional restaurant for the working class) and at Carlos' home in Puebla. Finally he visits the "plaza de toros" in Puebla, where he watches a bull fighting event. Oh, I almost forgot, he also wrestled with a "luchador" (mexican wrestler) at a local arena.

Here are the videos (5) from Youtube:

I have to say that Tony is very brave, I had tried "pulque" and I couldn't finish a full glass, sometimes "pulque" is so thick that you need scissors or a knife to cut the thread. Hope you like the vids and find them interesting, just please never try this at home, never.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Visit The Chocolate Experience 2009 Expo at Mexico City.

First time in Mexico City, the Chocolate Experience Expo 2009, an event full of creativity, color, taste and of course, chocolates. If your planning to visit Mexico City or you are already here, don't miss this great expo from January 23 to 25, 2009, at World Trade Center Mexico. The tickets are being sold by TicketMaster's website (Mexico), with a cost of $150 pesos (or about $11 USD). During the event you would enjoy: 
  • The History of Chocolate
  • Cooking with chocolate (with special guests: Chef Paulina Abascal and Chef Ramón Castillo)
  • Chocolate exhibition, selling and sampling
  • Chocolate Memorabilia exhibition
  • Relaxation area (Spa)
  • Chocolate-sculpture contest
I'm sure this expo will give you a sweet memory of Mexico City, don't miss it, bring your family (children under 10 will enter free, 2 child limit).

More info at: TicketMaster Mexico