Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Music recommendation: a mexican guitar duet with an original music style that I call "Flamenco-Rock".

Last saturday I was stuck in traffic and while changing stations on the radio I stumbled with a mesmerizing guitar tune. It was an acoustic session by "Rodrigo y Gabriela", a couple of mexican guitar players with a great story. Rodrigo Pineda S├ínchez and Gabriela Quintero are not only a guitar duet, but also a married couple. Both started playing the guitar professionally many years ago, but they found no one who believed in their music (in Mexico), so they decided to travel around the world, playing the classic (or spanish) guitar. They traveled all the way to Europe and toured principally in Spain and Ireland. Actually, it was in Ireland where they found a record label to sign with and a launch-pad for their career. After 8 years of traveling and playing around the world, they returned to Mexico in 2008 and gave a concert at Mexico City's venue "El Lunario". 
"Rodrigo y Gabriela" play acoustic music, principally with classic guitars, but their style is not classic at all. They have a unique style that I call "Flamenco-Rock" because their main inspiration is Rock N' Roll, but their guitar playing sounds like Flamenco (a spanish music style). They demonstrate their rock inspiration by playing an acoustic version of "Staiway to heaven" and "Orion" (from Metallica).  Their original compositions are sensual and very passionate, actually it is virtually impossible to hear their music and not feel the necessity to move (dance or drum something). Their ability to play the guitar is incredible, here are some videos to prove it:

Tamacun - Rodrigo y Gabriela - Live

Stairway to Heaven - Rodrigo y Gabriela - Live

You could buy "Rodrigo y Gabriela" album at or download some tracks or full album and videos from iTunes. Personally I love this type of dynamic acoustic music because I could concentrate in other things while listening to it. I find it a perfect soundtrack for driving long distances or for jogging. 

Do you like this type of music style? If so please leave a comment, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great article and great music too ! but... are you sure they are married ?