Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mexico City's subway stations map. ("Metro" map in high resolution, downloadable PDF).

Mexico City's subway or "Metro" is one of the biggest subways in the world, and maybe one of the best ways to move within the city. It is inexpensive, fast and easy to master, even though, a good map of the stations comes very handy. In order to travel efficiently you would need to know few things: the station were you are, the destination station, the line you need to travel and the direction you are traveling. Even though every line has its number and every station has its name, they have colors and drawings that you could easily identify (this system was developed for people who can't read). Click the link below the image (preview) to download a PDF with a high-resolution map of all the subway stations. 

If you have any question or doubts please feel free to leave a comment (or your question) below the post.


Anonymous said...

Excellent resource. Another good and free map are the ones given out by the secretary of tourism. They have a few stands (looks like a big red box with a person standing in it) on Reforma and near Bellas Artes. They may also be giving them out at Sanborns now, as well.

Myhaus said...

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

The subway in Mexico is a city that lives below the city. It's a world that you have to experience in order to understand it. It's the place where the low income families and the medium class get together to move from point to point in a cheap, efficient and fast way.

El Metro is the place to talk, put make up on, read, take a nap, eat, donate money and even do some shopping (although it's illegal, it's very common).

During the peak hours the term "personal space" doesn't exist and everyone gets to get very, very close to each other... so keep an eye on your purse or your wallet.

Anonymous said...

jledezma85, thanks for your comment, great description of "El Metro", I agree completly.

bathmate said...

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Anonymous said...

This is a bit late, but sort of on-topic... do you know a resource that identifies those Metro stations where the "correspondence" is a 15+ minute walk, up and down 4+ sets of stairs, so that alternative connecting routes can be planned? Gracias!