Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flying over the beautiful Lake of Tequesquitengo, Mexico. Great location for an unforgetable experience.

Imagine the thrill and the beauty of flying over a beautiful lake in complete silence (in the actual flight the motor is turned off while you fly over the lake, so you can enjoy the moment). Now a days there are many ways of flying, but one that is accessible to everyone is ultralights (a delta wing, seats and a motor). One of the best places in Mexico for ultralight gliding is called "Aerodynamic de México", located at the state of Morelos, Mexico. They are the best not only because of the location or the equipment, but for the pilots: Marcú from France and Hans from Holland are great people, very friendly and profesional (with a lot of years of experience).

Here is some info from the Aerodynamic's webpage:

Welcome aboard! We invite you to extend your horizons by flying through our web page.
The excellent climate in our valley permits us to fly on a daily basis. The passenger flights are relatively inexpensive and offer lots of fun for everyone. FOR ALL AGES!
If you'd like to try to fly yourself, we offer an extended flight that goes to over 2000 Ft. in which you get to steer yourself while we are gliding with the engine turned off. Of course you'll be accompanied by an instructor. All our flights are insured and we fly only in new certified aircraft, fully licensed in Mexico. Our pilots are licensed, insured and certified by the Mexican FAA, the DGAC.

We are situated about 90 minutes south of Mexico City, and 20 miles south of Cuernavaca, in a Valley that permanently offers nice weather. On clear days we see three big volcanoes: The popocatepetl, The Ixtlacihuatl and The Neavado from Toluca. Right nex to our airport is a big lake where you'll see people engaging in many different water sports.

There is an abundance of hotels and lodgings, ranging from luxury and exclusive to economical. Our recommendation is the Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa, an adventure in itself.

Here, I'm receiving some instructions and information from Marcú about the flight we are about to take.

In this photo from the Aerodynamics site you could see the hangar and the landing field, at the back you could see the Lake of Tequesquitengo.

Here we are inside the hangar were you could see some more ultralight crafts and small airplanes.

I totally recommend this experience, it is a great way of feeling free within great surroundings and great people. There are very accessible prices, flight prices start at $50 dollars approx.

Contact Info:

Webpage: (in English, Spanish and French)

Calle de la Torre s/n
San José Vista Hermosa
Morelos, México.
C.P. 62680

Telephone: 01 734 345 5487
01 734 345 5476 (Fax)

Mobile: 01 777 374 0860

Position: N 18° 38. 80
W 99° 16. 04
Elevation 974 m.


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