Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Naica: a crystal cave hidden for years in Mexico

This recently (in 2000) discovered crystal cave is located in the state of Chihuahua, northern Mexico. The three caves are located at 290 meters below the surface, and are part of a phreatic system of thermal waters, which allowed the growth of the crystals. The Naica official site is well documented and in English language, so I will like to share the link and let you explore this amazing place.

Some text from the site:

"Hidden 300 meters below the earth, Naica’s Cave of Crystals has waited until now to show its magnificent beauty. A big geode of red walls filled with selenite crystals or “moon stone”, is so named because of its color, brilliance, and transparency. Tranquil and silent this womb-like cavity originated the gradual growth of crystals, lulled by the ripples of water in the heat and darkness during more than one million years.

Captivating us with its brilliance, size, and history, we discover a place with an ice-like appearance, in contrast to its deadly heat, in a strange and inhospitable environment. Its beauty moves us and allows us to recover our capacity to contemplate and admire nature.

Naica is a voyage to the interior of the earth but also to the interior of ourselves. It invites us to comprehend its true significance and also leads us to a relevant debate about our relationship with nature and our planet."

Visit Naica web page to learn more about it's history and watch it's mind blowing photo gallery.

Source and Images: Naica Project

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Anonymous said...

There is an impresive Discovery Channel documentary about this cave. Images are amazing, and all the scientific discoveries too.