Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tepoztlán: a small town with huge culture.

Tepoztlán means in Nahuatl (old Mexican language) "The place of the copper hatchet" and it is localized 71 Km (44 miles) South of Mexico City. This small town with a population of 36,135 + is full of culture and many places to visit. There are camping sites, restaurants, shops, museums , an ex-convent and some local attractions like carnivals, archeological sites and an ice cream parlor called "Tepoz Nieves" with a wide and exotic variety of ice cream flavors.

This is a nice view (above) from the "Exconvento de la Natividad" or Ex-convent of Christmas which was a convent and now is a museum with a great view of the "Cerro el Tepozteco" or Tepozteco Hill (below).

This is another view (above) of the central courtyard of the "Exconvento de la Natividad".

For more information visit Tepoztlán webpage or leave a comment with your questions.

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